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The World Famous Pontani Sisters

Angie Pontani & The
World Famous Pontani Sisters

Angie Pontani & The World Famous Pontani Sisters are a trio of choreographed cuties circling the globe on a quest to bring glamour back to entertainment! These siblings jump started their performance career early, dancing for family and friends by dancing on picnic tables! With a Frank Sinatra 8-track as accompaniment, and spaghetti as their pay, the Sisters developed a love for performance! Now, years later, they tour the world as one of the pioneering forces of the new Burlesque, spreading their glamour gospel and bringing classic Burlesque sass back to the best venues on earth with their full scale Burlesque-A-Pades show.

Their innovative performance repertoire boasts over 40 routines! Whether twirling gold lassos in their rhinestone cowgirl costumes, slithering on black cafe chairs in sparkling sequin Italian Princess threads, shimmying and shaking in fringe or performing classic golden era burlesque, everything the Sisters do is dipped in glamour. Middle sister Angie Pontani is one of the worlds top performing burlesque stars and has won many coveted awards, including the "Miss Exotic World"

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Dawn Hampton

Dawn Hampton


Dawn was born in 1928, in Middletown, Ohio. Her father, Clark Deacon Hampton, Sr., had a family band and vaudeville act which was part of a travelling carnival. Dawn, one of twelve children, began performing at the tender age of three. (Slide Hampton, the well-known jazz trombonist, is the youngest.) After the war, the family band reunited for several years. There were fourteen pieces and nine Hamptons; Dawn played alto and tenor sax. They travelled under the leadership of her brother Duke, and played throughout the Mid-West and South. Finally, in 1950, the band achieved its dream of performing at Carnegie Hall (along with another well-known, although unrelated Hampton, Lionel). Once the Big Apple got a taste of the Hampton Family, they were featured at the Apollo Theatre and the Savoy Ballroom......

In 1958, Dawn moved to New York City, where she enjoyed her budding career.....Dawn spent much of the following 20 years performing as a cabaret singer in clubs around New York City and reviewers dubbed her the "Queen of Cabaret". Dawn received the "Lifetime Achievement in Cabaret" award from New York's Private Lives, and in 1988 was nominated for the "Distinguished Achievement" Director and Composer awards by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets.

Dawn has since found her latest calling within the world of swing where her entertaining style and extraordinary dance musicality has made her a star all around the world. Dawn appeared with Frankie Manning as a dancer in Spike Lee's Film, "Malcolm X." and she is featured prominently in the new documentary "The unforgettable Hampton Family". She continues to be an honoured guest at swing and Lindy Hop events around the world.
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