Levels | Dance Experience

To help us create optimal learning experiences for everyone, we ask that you take the time to evaluate your level from the criteria listed below. Please be as accurate as you can and if you are unsure about a question, feel free to contact us and we will help you.

Once you have found your proper level, please return to the registration form and complete the questionnaire. We require that you stay within your level throughout the week. If necessary you may drop down to a lower level if you find yourself having tremendous difficulty. Before camp, we will assign you to a track level based on a combination of factors, from your experience and dance background, teacher recommendations, to classroom size and lead to follow balance. During the first few days, if our instructors notice your Lindy Hop, balboa or shag skills don't fit your assigned level, they will re-assign you. We assure you, our decisions will be carefully determined as our goal is to create the best learning experiences for everyone.

Level Descriptions

Level 1
Open to all
You have zero to less than 2 months of experience with any swing style of dance. This level provides primarily foundation material and is geared towards the novice.
Level 2A
Some Experience
You have some experience with either Lindy Hop, Balboa, Boogie Woogie or Shag. You are familiar with the 6-count basic, shuffle step, the Lindy Circle. This level is also for experienced dancers but wish to explore a dance style like the Balboa, Collegiate Shag of which you are unfamiliar. Here you will continue your foundation material and improve core skills to give you more confidence on the social dance floor.
Level 2B
More Experienced
You've been dancing the Lindy Hop or Boogie Woogie for at least 1 year. You feel comfortable with the basics and you social dance on a regular basis. Here you will build your vocabulary, improve your lead/follow technique all while learning fundamentals, footwork and classic patterns.
Level 3
You have over 100 hrs of class or workshop studies and have attended dance camps before. You have a moderate collection of patterns and footwork that you consistently showcase on the social dance floor. You're pursuits include expanding your vocabulary, perfecting your lead and follow techniques and mastering musicality.
Level 4
You can comfortably handle any challenges presented with the Lindy Hop and expect to focus on the details of your dancing. Here we explore complex patterns, musicality, and challenging lead/follow techniques. You'll be expected to comprehend most of the material with a command of the body.

If you're unsure where you see your own dancing, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you figure out which level description fits you best. You will not be able to attend classes for a track or level other than your own. Once you have familiarized yourself with these levels, you may return to our REGISTRATION PAGE.